(Founded November 14, 1996
in Notarial Deed No.13, 14th. November 1996)

* Abhimata, means LOVE
* Mitrasamaya, means BROTHERHOOD

In keeping with its choosen name, the Foundation's work is based on a vision of love and brotherhood.






Many families long for children and will go to almost any length to have them. Children born into such families are blessed indeed.

Sadly, however, it is not seldom that a family reject a child, does not want children, or is unwilling or not prepared to accept a child into their lives for a variety of reasons, whether economic pressures of illegitimacy or social stigma.

Whatever the reason may be, this kind of rejection leaves deep wounds in the hearts of innocent babies. From the time they are born, these infants, deprived of their rightful parental love and care, are plunged into a world of intense emotional suffering.

The Abhimata Orphanage, founded on 12 March 1998, provides shelter and loving care to help them prepare for a happy future like that enjoyed by other children, without discriminating race and religions.

The Abhimata Orphanage is presently housed in temporary quarters on Jl. Mertilang V Blok KA 4 No.1 and on Jl. Kasuari IV Blok HB 4 No.22, Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9, Jakarta, Indonesia 12330. This property has been made available on loan. Work is now under way to prepare more adequate premises for the children in the Parung area of Bogor.

With the big support from you all, our benefactor, that we could build our own orphanage center in a proper conditions and facilities.

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